Best Buy Releases Commerce API

submitted by steve.bendt on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 18:22


Best Buy is working hard to bridge the physical and digital retail experiences for our customers. Our goal is help create more personal experiences for our customers wherever they are by making the things we sell, the things we know, and the services we provide available through third-party partners and developers.

As the next step, today we’re announcing the availability of Commerce API, a platform that allows partners to conduct Best Buy commerce within their e-commerce or web- based applications.

Commerce API, combined with other BBYOpen APIs, provides developers and partners a rich set of capabilities including:

• Access to over 1 million current and historical consumer technology products available through Best Buy

• Ability to check pricing, product availability by store, specifications, descriptions, images, and ratings & reviews

• Seamless purchasing through a partner’s e-commerce site or web-based application

• Product fulfilment through home delivery or in-store pick up.

The first partner to adopt Commerce API is Bridge2Solutions (, a provider of incentive, consumer and performance rewards systems.

We’re seeking additional enterprise partners and growing startups to continue roll out new ways for customers to engage with Best Buy.

If you’re interested in speaking with our business development team about an idea or a use case, please contact us via our developer portal at

For an overview of all available BBYOpen APIs, visit

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