Twelpforce: Best Buy Chairman's Innovation Award Winner

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Today, we recieved word from our CEO, Brian Dunn that our humble experiment called Twelpforce was selected as the Chairman’s Innovation Award Winner this year.  For those of you who don't know, the Chairman's Innovation Award recognizes employees that execute a new idea to create value for the enterprise, customer and company.  Twelpforce was selected for the award not only on the merits of getting the idea up and running, but for delivering on the promise of the idea that took place over the months that followed it's launch.  

In my mind, it's one of the most prestigious awards that can be bestowed upon Best Buy and Geek Squad employees, and although we didn't set out on this journey to win awards, I am certainly proud to share it with you. Twelpforce is a team effort, and this award recognizes the collective impact the 2,800+ people who participate in the program have had on the organization since it's inception.  

We are a large team, and within that team, everyone contributes in different ways.  Some contribute a lot, some contribute when they can, and some are learning by watching, and waiting to jump in. Within team efforts and accolades, there are always individuals to whom the team leans on for MVP-level contributions.  I had the opportunity while writing the nomination form to include a small number of people as what are called "core" contributors.  With a team so big, this was no small feat, and I thought long and hard which members of team should be included.  I considered how long some of our team members have been contributing, who among the team consistently goes out of their way to help others, who demonstrates the courage to consistently jump into difficult conversations, and who actively takes on a mentor role, formal, or otherwise. After careful consideration, the following Twelpforce team members (your peers), are being individually honored for their above and beyond contributions toward making this effort a success:

Patrick Bergstrom | @gsagentp Covert Agent; Geek Squad Covert Operations ÜT: 42.018102,-93.615576

Coral Biegler | @coral_bestbuy I'm a Community Connector on the social media team at the Best Buy corporate office. Have a question? Need help? I'm here to twelp :) Richfield, MN

Timothy Elder | @agent30832 Agent Tim from Geek Squad Precinct 339 Lancaster, Ohio

William Garrison | @agent1834 Covert Agent | Badge 1834 | Geek Squad Online Support Lawrenceville, GA

Stephen Giordano | @E_brunswick_bby A (perfect?) blend of business and personal tweets. Check back for details on events at Best Buy East Brunswick. Twelpforce member. Any opinions are my own. Route 18 East Brunswick, NJ

Scott Hagemeyer | @agentscottie Agent on Deck w/ Geek Squad. Former Counter Intelligence Agent, Apple Expert/Computers Specialist. Tweets may be own views, not those of Best Buy/Geek Squad. Lincoln, NE

Derek Meister | @agent3012 I love talking about technology. Cleveland, Ohio

Nicolas Murray @agent8819 Geek Squad Agent Treasure Coast, Florida

David Overton | @bestbuydanvers I work @ Best Buy Danvers. I try to help as best I can. Opinions are my own. Danvers, MA

Chris Quevedo @agent2367 Keeping technology in line. New England

Michael Sander | @michaelasander Just an everyday normal guy. I work at Best Buy where I help people with technology. I also take part in the Twelpforce initiative. What can I do for you? Kankakee, IL

I think you'll agree that over the last 18+ months, those individuals have proven themselves to be near the center of the effort, and consistently stand themselves up as an example of what good looks like.  It was hard to get to this list because we were limited in the amount of "spots", and I wish we could have nominated a couple hundred more, but please, when you have a second, reach out and congratulate them for their worthy efforts. From me to you, know that I couldn't be prouder of all of you.  A heartfelt congratulations goes out to the entire team for this honor.  

Again, without you, none of this works. What's next?",,  It's going to help us truly turn our employee base into the Human Search Engine you may have heard a little about. BBYFeed connects employees to each other, to customers and to our collected knowledge. Check it out when you get a chance, and if you have one of those fancy handheld gadgets in the Connected store, it's a pre-loaded App that allows you access to Finally, the last things I will leave you with are a couple words of wisdom... 1. Take what you’ve learned here and teach others.  Find a way to mentor someone who may end up working on a project that is nominated for the next Chairman’s Award. 2.  Keep doing what you are doing.  It’s helping build a part of the future of Best Buy, and I guarantee you’ll look back in your career with a sense of pride at what you helped build. Congratulations again.  I hope you are as proud of your accomplishment as I am. John

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