Affiliate Program

What is the Best Buy Affiliate Program?

The Best Buy Affiliate Program is a revenue share for BBYOpen developers and partners to earn money. If an application or web site you developed sends a customer to and that person makes a purchase on a qualifying product, you get a percentage of the sale price of the item. The percentage varies based on the type of item.

Here's a quick overview:

We are able to offer the affiliate program to anyone using BBYOpen APIs through our partnership with Rakuten LinkShare, an affiliate marketing company.  LinkShare will track your sales so you can earn commission on the purchases that you generate through your links.

How it Works

·You (as the Publisher) gain access to the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard Interface after applying and being accepted into the Affiliate program.

·Best Buy (the Advertiser) makes links available to members who have signed up for and are accepted into the affiliate program.

·You place Best Buy’s links on your web site or in your application. We make this easy in the API by pre-formatting the links for you and placing them in the return when you pass your Affiliate ID in your query, in the <linkShareAffiliateUrl> and <linkShareAffiliateAddToCartUrl> elements. You can also place them in email campaigns or as part of search listings.

·When users (Consumers) of your application click on one of these links, a cookie is set on the browser that identifies you (the Publisher), Best Buy (the Advertiser), and the specific link.

·The commission is based on a percentage of the qualifying shipped sale. Commission detail can be found in the Best Buy Operating Agreement.  You'll see this as part of the Affiliate program sign-up process. It can also be viewed on the Best Buy advertiser page in the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard.

·After a purchase, transactions are tracked and recorded by LinkShare. LinkShare handles all collection and processing required to ensure commission payment.

·To view answers to common questions about the Affiliate Program check out the Affiliate FAQs.

How to Sign-Up

To sign-up for the affiliate program and ensure that everything goes smoothly, perform the following steps:

1. Complete the application here

2. Once you have completed the form, you will receive a LinkShare Site ID that is your unique identifier in the network.

3. Please email us at with subject line “Affiliate Program Sign-up” and include the following information from the application:

·         Your LinkShare Site ID
·         The Company Name
·         The Contact Name
·         The Contact Email

4. Within three business days (72 hours), LinkShare will send you an offer using the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard interface so that you can get started. You will find your Best Buy offer under Affiliate Network> Programs>My Advertisers after you have logged in. If you do not receive an offer within 3 business days, contact us.

5. You’re ready to go.

Get Credit for Your Sales

The Products API has the ability to provide links to products on that include yourAffiliate ID, ensuring that you get affiliate credit for purchases resulting from the referral.

NOTE:  Affiliate ID = the 11-character alphanumeric code in tracking link

Your affiliate ID can be found on the Publisher Dashboard by selecting Links, clicking on one of your advertisers, selecting a link type from the box at left, and then clicking Get Link. The eleven-character code following id= is your affiliate ID. 

Entering in your Site ID will result in an error similar to:  Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher - Advertiser Partnership Status

This capability is activated automatically when a request to the Products API includes the “AffiliateID=” parameter.

Two links are available. Using the link in the <linkShareAffiliateUrl> attribute will bring the customer to a product’s detail page. Using the link in the <linkShareAffiliateAddToCartUrl> parameter will add the item to the customer’s cart and bring the customer to the cart page.


Examples for Affiliate ID

Remember, your Affiliate ID is the 11-character alphanumeric code in tracking link, and NOT your Site ID.   

This example uses your Affiliate ID lists all Nikon products that cost more than $200.

Note:  99999999999 = sample (replace with your LinkShare Affiliate ID)

Here are the LinkShare attributes when using the query above: