Announcing BBYOpen Metis Alpha: Best Buy Product Catalog via Semantic Endpoints

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Announcing BBYOpen Metis Alpha: Best Buy Product Catalog via Semantic Endpoints

These days, consumers have a rich variety of products available at their fingertips. A massive product landscape has evolved, but sadly products in this enormous and rich landscape often get flattened to just a price tag. Over time, it seems the product value proposition, variety, descriptions, specifics, and details that make up products have all but disappeared. This presents consumers with a "paradox of choice" where misinformed decisions can lead to poor product selections, and ultimately product returns and customer remorse.

To solve this problem, BBY Open is excited to announce the first phase Alpha release of Metis, our semantically-driven product insight engine. As part of a phased release approach, this first release consists of publishing all 500K+ of our active Best Buy products with reviews as RDF-enabled endpoints for public consumption.

This alpha release is the first phase in solving this product ambiguity. With the publishing of structured product data in RDF format using industry accepted product ontologies like GoodRelations, standards from the Semantic Web group at the W3C, and the NetKernel platform, the Metis Alpha gives developers the ability to consume and query structured data via SPARQL (get up to speed with Learning SPARQL by Bob DuCharme), enabling the discovery of insight hidden deep inside the product catalog.

Metis and Tim Berners-Lee's Five Stars of Linked Data

Metis also strives to achieve a high level of data openness, driving toward <>Tim Berners-Lee's <>5 stars of open linked data. All products in the Metis Alpha have their own URI and can be shared and linked to on the web, thus achieving a 4 star rating out of 5.

If the previous paragraphs make absolutely no sense to you, don't fret. Metis will be quickly evolving new features that allow non-technical users and developers unfamiliar with semantic technologies access to valuable product insight via the RESTful Metis Data API, or in a visual dashboard format.

Interested in getting started using a smarter way to query Best Buy product data? You can start consuming the Metis Alpha by checking out the sitemap index at: <> For service updates, questions, errors, or other general feedback, see @BBYMetis on Twitter.

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