Products API

The Products API provides full product information for over 1,000,000 current and historical products, including up-to-date pricing.

Product Catalog Access

The API, formerly named REMIX, provides access to the entire Best Buy product catalog. Past and present.

• Pricing
• Availability
• Specifications
• Descriptions and images for nearly a million current and historical products

PLEASE NOTE: Music and movie data may be used only where an ability to purchase the related music or movies from is provided to end users, and developers using music and movie data must become members of the Best Buy Affiliate Program to allow the sale of music and movies through under the terms of the Affiliate Program.

Check Availability By Store

OPEN data allows the insight into exactly what products are in each and every store. 

Simple Integration

Full archives are available and updated daily to make it easier for developers to establish our full catalog locally.