BBYOpen Branding Guidelines

By using a Best Buy API, you agree to abide by the Best Buy API Terms of Service and the conditions set forth in this document.

BBYOpen Developer Branding Guidelines:

Our goal is to make it clear that your application is using Best Buy API data, but that it’s your application.  To accomplish this goal, all applications must feature the Powered BBYOpen logo on any page, screen, widget, or application where a Best Buy API has a presence and the logo must be located where the implementation appears in the user interface.  The Powered by BBYOpen logo must link back to so that it’s clear you’re using Best Buy API data.  However, we don’t want users to believe that we are responsible for your application, so certain restrictions apply to the use of our brand.  To further clarify this relationship, the Best Buy API team is providing the following guidelines.

Using the Powered by BBYOpen Logo

We have provided the following Powered by BBYOpen logos for your use.

DescriptionButton ImageEmbed Code
No Border GifbbyOpen.gif

<a href = ""><img src = "" alt="BBYOPEN" /></a>

Border GifbbyOpen.gif<a href = ""><img src="" alt="BBYOPEN" /></a>


Commerce API Partners

Commerce API partners do not need to use the "Powered by Best Buy" logo above, but the following logo must be used on all product detail pages where Best Buy is the fulfillment partner.  The logo must be clearly placed next to the product and visible in an area in close proximity to the “Add to Cart” (or similar) function.

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<a href = ""><img src = " BestBuy.jpg" alt="Products Fulfilled through Best Buy" /></a>


Do Not:

  • Recreate the Powered by BBYOpen logo or alter the configuration, text or proportions
  • Make the Powered by BBYOpen logo larger than your own site’s branding or name.
  • Make it the most prominent element of your page
  • Use the logo to imply Best Buy is responsible for, or endorsing, your content, design or language
  • Make the Powered by BBYOpen so small that it cannot be identified.

Layout Examples


  • Place the Powered by BBYOpen logo at the bottom of your application
  • Create your own name, branding, look and feel

Do Not:

  • Design your application to look like Best Buy
  • Use Best Buy’s blue and yellow as the primary colors in your design
  • Use Powered by BBYOpen, Best Buy, or The Tag Design as the leading or primary brand


BBYOpen or Best Buy should not come first in the application name.  They can be used in the naming of an application as “x for BBYOpen” or “x with BBYOpen”, “x’s BBYOpen API”, etc. This makes it clear that the Application or web site is not from Best Buy.  
Best Buy or BBYOpen should not be used descriptively as part of your site name.  They can be used to identify the store, website, or service.  However, you should not use our brand to describe your site.  You can say that your site uses BBYOpen or Best Buy data.  However, you should not say that you have opened the Best Buy website to find the “best buy” in consumer electronics.   
Please contact us if you have questions about a particular name.

Additional Terms

  1. Your right to display the logo is limited to your application.  
  2. You may not display the logo in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to Best Buy Remix or Best Buy. You may not use the logo on a site that violates any law or regulation.
  3. Best Buy reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate or modify your permission to display the logo at any time and to take action against any use that does not conform to these terms and conditions.  This includes any infringing use of Best Buy intellectual property, other right, or violation of applicable law.