BBYOPEN for Beginners

Congratulations...if you've landed here, you've taken the first step towards learning how integrating BBYOpen APIs into your business plan can help you better meet the needs of your customers.  We hope you find the information below helpful, and if you have any questions, or would like to see information we don't have published, please let us know!

API Access:  You need a key in order to access BBYOpen’s products, stores, reviews, and categories APIs.  Keys are available to the general public.  If you have not yet applied for a key, you can do so by following this link:

To use the queries in the primer, replace “YourAPIKey” with your API key, and check out the Queries Primer to get a head strart:

Before you Begin

Queries Primer Learn the methods, parameters, and syntax for working with BBYOpen's APIs
Branding GuidelinesA few design and copy Do's and Dont's to think about before you begin.
Data DictionaryLearn all about the attributes associated with using our APIs
Terms of ServiceEverybody's got 'em. Here are ours.
Affiliate ProgramYou can earn commission on the purchases that you generate through your links.


Handy Helpers

DocumentationShortcuts and consoles to help you with your implementation.
API Test Console | Widget Generator | Wordpress Plugin
Language Wrappers
& Frameworks
Frameworks and popular examples for you to use. These have come from our community of developers and friends of BBYOpen.  See all of them by clicking here.
Remix.NET C# library | open Java library | PHP open library | Premix Python Wrapper | Remix Ruby on Rails wrapper
ArchivesDaily snapshot of the data available in the API.
Release NotesDetails about our periodic code releases - continual improvement!


Products API

The Products API provides a simple, REST-based interface for pricing, availability, specifications, descriptions, and images for nearly a million current and historical products. You can also check product availability by store with this API.

AttributesThe complete list of over 400 product attributes for each and every product we carry.
GET ProductsHow to get products from the Products API
Get Products
by Attribute
Products that include only selected attributes - [e.g. Canon products.]
Get Products
by Attribute with Multiple Values
Products that include only selected attributes - [e.g. Canon + Sony + Nikon products.]
GET Products by Child AttributeProducts including inherited properties - [e.g. Products with batteries included.]
GET Products Using SearchSearch by name and description fields - [e.g. Only Cameras that are black.]
GET Store AvailabilityStores that have products by zip or lat/long. - [e.g. Cameras within 50 miles of 11111.]
GET Gift RecommendationsHoliday gift recommendations - [e.g. Gifts for him under $20.]


Categories API

The Categories API gives you access to Best Buy's category tree. Use it to browse or search.

AttributesComplete list of category attributes
GET CategoriesRetrieve category level detail


Reviews API

Reviews API gives you access to product reviews and ratings.

AttributesLists all available Reviews API attributes
GET ReviewsRetrieve reviews [e.g. Get all reviews, highest to lowest, by date]
GET Reviews
by Rating
Get products based on minimum rating [e.g. Get products rated 4 or higher]


Stores API

The store query will allow you to access information about all Best Buy Stores such as address, geo-location, stores hours, and phone number. Using the Products API along with the Stores API, you will also be able to perform product availabilty queries for each store.

We have 1,100+ stores across the US and Puerto Rico. Currently our international stores data is not available via the API. This is something that will be coming in future releases.

Our stores data is also available via the archives which will allow you to induct this information for more efficient applications.

Mobile API

The Mobile revolution. It’s happening all around us. Just a few years ago, smartphones were reserved for the "executive" class and featured phones that were really only good for basic browsing and email access. Today, it's different. Smartphones are everywhere, and innovation in the space is happening at the speed of light. 3G, 4G, dual-core, snapdragon, LED displays, cameras that rival point and shoot, you name it, there’s a phone that does it.

That’s why we’ve made our Best Buy Mobile ™ Upgrade Checker ™ available via API. Now, by connecting to the API, you can install the Best Buy Mobile ™ Upgrade Checker ™ into your application, and use Best Buy’s ties to our carrier partners to let your customers know when they can upgrade to a new mobile phone. The customer can even opt in to have Best Buy ® remind them of their upgrade date and find out their trade in value!

Commerce API

Commerce API is an invitation-only API that allows select partners to build in-app cart experiences for their customers*.

If you are interested in obtaining a Commerce API key, please contact

*minimum revenue thresholds must be met