Documentation Overview

Our goal is to make the docs as accurate, complete, usable, and unambiguous as possible for our developers. We consider the documentation for our APIs to be a living thing.  As our APIs evolve and our developer community grows, our documentation and the resources we provide will evolve as well. 

Consider this page the table of contents for all the stuff you need to know in order to work with our APIs most efficiently and effectively. 


The Best Buy Open APIs require an API key which is provided during registration before you can use the service. The key identifies you as a unique developer making calls against the Best Buy Open APIs.

Get your API key here

The Rules

There is no charge for using BBYOpen APIs, and the limitations are simple:

  • Do not claim to be Best Buy
  • Acknowledge that the data came from us when you use it
  • If you offer commerce, Best Buy must be one of the options

And the technical Terms of Service

BBYOpen APIs - The specs


Our suite of API's are RESTful. Currently we support the GET method but as we release additional features, and additional APIs,  POST, PUT and DELETE may become available for certain things.

HTTP Status Codes

The Best Buy Remix API uses standard HTTP status codes; if you're not familiar, check the W3 reference guide.

Our 400 error codes and custom messaging are programmatically generated from our type system.    This messaging provides some suggestions for possible ways to do what it appears you are trying to do. 


You have the choice of encoding with our API. The default standard uses XML. With an optional parameter you can have JSON returned. When using JSON we also support JSONP.

Pagination Limiting

With any query the default set of results returned is a set of 10. We then page the rest of the results and using the optional &page= parameter you can request different sets of 10.

Active vs Inactive products

BBYOpen api's contain information on currently active (i.e. available) SKUs, as well as currently inactive (i.e. unavailable) SKUs.  The default return is active products. 

Be sure to consult the Queries Primer page for additional details and notes on active vs inactive sku's and the default settings in general.


We have some basic usage limits:

  • Up to 50000 queries per day
  • Up to 5 queries per second

In 99% of all cases these limits should suffice.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with our Archives and how we recommend using them.  The archives will help you from over-calling the API and hitting usage limits.

Documentation structure

Our docs are living things. Our goal is accuracy and usability for you. We've enabled (moderated) commenting on our documentation, so if you have a better way to do things, or a creative or elegant way to execute something, feel free to share it via comments. If we agree, we'll approve it to show up as your contribution to our documentation.

Affiliate Program

We do have an affiliate program, where you can earn commissions if the traffic you send to results in a sale. For more information see our Affiliate application.


We have created some resources that every developer should be aware of

API Test Tool - Once you have your API key, you can take a test run of any of our APIs via the API Test Tool built by our friends at bust+out solutions. This allows you to see the returns on any query in xml or json

Widgets  - We've built a number of widgets and plugins that make it easy for developers and website owners to display our data on their sites. Our affiliate program is integrated into these allowing a smooth entre into affiliate sales.

Powered By Icons - If you need to show off the fact that you are using our api's, we've provided a couple graphic buttons to do that.

DescriptionButton ImageEmbed Code
No Border GifbbyOpen.gif<img src = "" alt="BBYOPEN" />
Border GifbbyOpen.gif<img src = "" alt = "BBYOPEN" />

BBYOpen Community

BBYOpen is about two things, good data, and good relationships.  A simple recipe for making cool stuff.

This portal is mostly the data side; we have some other sites that we hope you'll use to get to know our people better, and allow us to get to know you. 

BBYOpen Blog : posts on everything from the apps we're making, the world of open data, or just pics from one of our hack days. 

Social: Twitter, Plancast, Youtube, Flickr,, Slideshare, Facebook (hold tight, still building some of these).