In listening to a need of the Best Buy developer community, we now have API archive files available for use by our developers.

The archives are basically a snapshot in time of the data available in the API. The archives will be updated daily by 9AM CST. It is not updated throughout the day like the real-time API; so you lose the real-time capability of making direct calls to the API but in return you achieve greater local speed and manipulation ability of the archives. This will help especially if you are holding or inducting a database for your website or app.

The Curent Version, V1, of the archive contains all data from the products, stores, categories, or reviews.  We also provide store availability. 

Store availability is based on calculations done to estimate daily product sales velocity in each of our stores. This calculation gives a value of 'available' or 'not available'.

Base URL:{archive}.{format}.zip


xml or json: products, stores, categories, or reviews

tsv: storeAvailability

For all archive calls, apiKey is the only required attribute.

Google Base feed archive:  What is Google Base Feed?

The Google Base feed is the bby products archive that we send to Google for their products search results. It is a subset of our products archive.[your api key]

GET product archive



GET stores archive



GET categories archive



GET reviews archive



GET store availability archive tsv format