Language Wrappers & Framework

Here you can find all the latest frameworks and popular examples. These have come from our community of developers and friends of BBYOpen; thus we don’t directly support these ourselves.  We do encourage their use and if you have a library you've created, and would like to share with everyone, we encourage you to submit it to us for publication via our contact form.

Remix.NET C# library

Author: Omar

This library is very simple and utilizes .NET XML serialization to return products and store information from the Remix REST API. There are a few method calls that return very specific data filtered by both passed attributes and hardcoded attributes that were part of an original client I wrote. Use these methods as examples of how to extend the library for your own specific needs. open Java library

Author: Matt Williams @mattwilliamsnyc

My goals were to keep the library relatively small / lightweight with no non-standard dependencies while still supporting easy, semantic access to API data (store.getAddress(), product.getImageUrl(), etc). Hopefully this will be useful for others, especially in the mobile space!

PHP open library

Author: Matt Williams @mattwilliamsnyc

I put together a library for building Remix applications with PHP: I’ll be keeping an eye on the documentation … and updating the library accordingly. Bug reports, feature requests, etc. can be submitted through Google Code’s Issue Tracker:

Premix Python Wrapper

Author: Thomas Bohmbach

Premix provides an easy to use Python wrapper around the Best Buy Remix APIs. It also runs on Google App Engine. Check out the wiki located at:

Remixr Ruby on Rails wrapper

Author: Team at Squeejee

The Team at Squeejee has created a Ruby on Rails wrapper called Remixr. A full explanation of features is listed on their blog. They also have a docs section located here: