Products API

Provides full product information for over 1 million current and historical products

The Best Buy Open Products API (formerly named REMIX) provides a simple, REST-based interface for our entire product catalog - past and present. This includes pricing, availability, specifications, descriptions, and images for over a million current and historical products.  In addition, we offer full archives, updated daily, to make it easier to establish our full catalog locally.

Base URL string)?(display string)&apiKey=[APIKeyHere]

Unique aspects of the Products API


Product Attributes

There are over 400 attributes that apply to our products.  See the Attributes section for definitions of each of these attributes. 


You can search commonly used attribute values for specific text. For more details see the Search page.

Product/Pricing Updates:

Products are updated every six hours.  Prices are updated approximately every 5 minutes, so the pricing data your customers receive is as close to real time as possible.