GET Gift Recommendations (holiday 2010)

For more complete information, see the Query Primer. in(value1, value2, .... valueX)?apikey=apikey

This set of queries uses the filter functionality where you are calling for multiple values of the specified attribute. 

The examples below are all using the list of SKU's that Best Buy has selected as gift recommendations for him, her, kids, and teens respectively, for this holiday season. 

Given the way our categories are structured currently, using the "SKU in" method (sku in(sku1,sku2...skuX) is the best way to get the full list of gift recommendations for the selected demographic.  These gifts correspond to items found on under the "gift center" category.

Gifts for him

Gifts for Him less than $20

Gifts for Him sorted by price

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Kids

Store Availability

As an additional variation to these queries, you can also check for store availability by adding in the syntax for those searches on the front of the query, as follows:,distance in miles))+products(attribute in(value1, value2, ...valueX)?apikey=apiKey


stores(area(latitude,longitude,distance in miles)) to use latitude/longitude

Refer to the GET Store Availability page for further details on checking local availability of a product