GET products by attribute with multiple values

For more complete information, see the Query Primer. in(value1,value2,value3))?apiKey=APIKeyHere

this query returns results filtered with one attribute and multiple values

Note: Different attributes work with different value types. Also, certain attributes are not queryable. Refer to the Attributes Primer and Attributes List for more information. 

Sample Variations

Required parameters are shown in italics and optional parameters are in bold. in(canon,sony,nikon))?apiKey=apiKey

GET products made by Canon or Sony or Nikon in(black,white,silver)&

GET products from the specified category id (appliances) that are black, white, or silver, sorted lowest to highest price in(canon,sony,nikon)&customerReviewAverage>3.5)?apiKey=apiKey&format=json&show=name,regularPrice,description,customerReviewAverage

GET products made by canon, sony or nikon, with an average rating greater than 3.5, showing name, price, description and rating in json format.