Query Primer

By using BBYOpen APIs, you have access to a great deal of Best Buy's product, store, review, and category data.  You create queries to indicate what information you want, and how you want it returned, and send that query, via HTTP, to a BBYOpen API.  The API parses the query, extracts the information from the appropriate database, formats the results, and returns the results to you, again via HTTP.

There are four query types:

  • Archive query - Returns a single file containing all attributes for all items exposed by the given API
  • Basic query - Returns information about a single item
  • Advanced query - Returns information about one or more items according to your specifications
  • Store availability query - Returns information about products available at specific stores

The BBY Open v1 Query Primer (click on the name to see it) explains the various types of queries, how to build them, and what to expect from the returned data.

The rest of this page is taken from the Query Primer introduction.  See the Query Primer itself for more information.

API Access

You need a key in order to access BBYOpen’s products, stores, reviews, and categories APIs.  Keys are available to the general public.  If you have not yet applied for a key, you can do so by following this link:


To use the queries in the primer, replace “YourAPIKey” with your API key.

Primer notes

In the primer, most results are incomplete; the queries generally return more records than are shown.  Results displayed in the primer are extracted from the data returned, and were chosen to point out specific aspects of the query being discussed.  Except when necessary, return headers are not shown.

The query responses shown in the primer were valid at the time the queries were run.  Because data changes, you will likely get different results when rerunning these queries.  If you encounter a query that does not work at all, or seems to work very differently than described in this primer, please let us know:


Highlighting (usually bold) is intended to call attention to specific parts of queries and returned data, and has been added manually.  Highlighting is not passed in actual data.

Throughout the primer, the term "item" is used to refer, generically, to the entity you are looking for information about.  Depending on the API used, an item can be a product, store, review, or category.

Attributes / Data Dictionary

BBYOpen uses attributes to provide items' details and specifications.  For example, attributes can represent a product's price and size, a store's address and hours, or a review's comment and associated sku.  Understanding what attributes are available, what they represent, and how to use them makes queries much more powerful.  You can find items that match your specific requirements, and display only what is necessary.  This primer shows many of the over 400 attributes available for Best Buy's products, stores, reviews, and categories, but you should familiarize yourself with the others.

For more information on attributes, including name (with correct spelling), definition, application, and underlying data type, refer to the Data Dictionary, which is available through the following link: