Teachable Tips: Using Associated Products / Related Products

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We get a number of questions about how developers use different API attributes to enhance their customers' experience when they are searching for a product.

When ready to purchase a certain item (the "hero product"), your customer may also be interested in:

  • The hero product's accessories <accessories>
  • Products related to the hero product <relatedProducts>
  • Products other customers frequently purchase along with the hero product <frequentlyPurchasedWith>

Let’s use the following laptop as an example (this laptop is the "hero product" your customer in interested in purchasing).  First, let's see what you find on bestbuy.com:


As you can see, the bestbuy.com product detail page includes two sets of products that complement the hero product:

  • Accessories for this laptop are listed in the “Accessories” tab.
  • Products related to the laptop are listed on the right side of the page, under the heading “Related Products”.

Note:  While you may see overlap between accessories and related products, accessories are items that help you use the hero product, while related products might include up-sell or down-sell products.  In this case, one related product is a similar laptop with a larger hard drive.  For a high-end TV, related products might include a less expensive TV with fewer HDMI inputs.  Sure, you'd rather sell the high-priced TV, but if your customer is hesitating because of the price, the "related" TV just might make the sale!

Before we leave the web site, let's take a look at products that customers frequently purchase with this laptop.  These products show up in a pop up window during the checkout process.

OK - now let's see what this looks like in the API.  Actually, it's quite simple.  Once you know the sku of the customer's hero product, you can use the following query:


Here's what you get:

<products currentPage="1" totalPages="1" from="1" to="1" total="1"...>
    <name>Dell - Inspiron 14" Laptop - 6GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Diamond Black</name>

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